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Traditional Serbian Restaurant Gradska

Good day, dear friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read something about us. In this introduction, you can get to know us a little better before we meet each other and get to know ourselves even better.

Gradska Restaurant was born on Dorcol – in the soul of Belgrade and we are soul food. We are heaven for our neighbors and their friends and an unavoidable place for all adventurers in search of a good snack and positive energy.

We created the ambiance of the city, in which our guests feel like at home. We satisfy all your needs. We breathe in this measured intimacy and enriched it with the breath of our history. In such an atmosphere our knight of culinary art, Mr. Slobodan Miljakovic making miracles with his young team which creates a real small masterpiece of national cuisine.

With great enthusiasm, into which they have woven their skills, they prepare our traditional dishes and thus keep them from oblivion.

You will enjoy home-cooked cuisine, which in the most beautiful way, without the need for many words, is represented by a Toplica’s janija, old-fashioned pljeskavica, lamb in milk with mushrooms, and forest chicken, which will surprise you. Of course, there are also Coban, Moravian and Balkan salads to make the day more beautiful and colorful.

Dear friends, we warmly welcome you and hope to see you soon, when we will do our best to make you beautiful moments in the Gradska… with pleasant gastronomic companionship we will be enough Dorcolians to bring you closer to food and to show you the specialty that Belgrade and Serbia carry it.